According to data posted on the Untied States Department of Veteran’s Affairs website, here are the following estimated numbers for identified occurrence of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) in...

Prescription drug addiction is hitting the airwaves as various experts give their opinions on the death of Michael Jackson. Tragic video from 1984 has finally surfaced, with images of the singer... 

I have received numerous phone calls, emails and had face to face sessions with numerous folks over the years who are experiencing symptoms of Secondary PTSD... 


It was July, and the heat was stifling. After turning up the air-conditioning, I looked at the middle-aged man sitting on my peach-colored couch. He appeared to be very uncomfortable.

"Is this the...

Susan Fulbright is a math teacher, a believer in logic. 
She also believes this: 
“It was Christmas 1978, six months after her father's death. She and her mother, sisters and assorted husbands had... 

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