The Afterlife is Real - Death is an Illusion - We do not Die!

"Heaven" or the Afterlife is Not a Boring Place.

Death is an Illusion! Consciousness Survives!

Are Seekers and Afterlife Experiencers Being Served by Social Media, Reality TV, Expensive Gurus?

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Afterlife Contact: What It Is And What It Isn't

DisinfoCast 35: Carla Wills-Brandon and Deathbed Visions

Your Personal Spirituality, Healthy Afterlife Contact, and There is No Fear!

My Near Death Experience: Love, Brilliant Light, Indescribable! Personal Blooming

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Seek Reality – Deathbed Visions with Carla Wills-Brandon - Seek Reality - Roberta Grimes
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About the show:

Carla Wills-Brandon is an eminent researcher in the field of deathbed visions whose 2000 book, One Last Hug Before I Go, is a wonderful summary of how and why deathbed visions happen, and what they mean.

Departing Visions - Big Seance Podcast with Patrick Keller
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About the show:

Carla Wills-Brandon, author and researcher, discusses Deathbed or Departing Visions and other After Death Communication. We also talk about Death Phobia, as well as an exciting discussion about psychomanteums!

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About the show:

Therapist Carla Wills-Brandon updated her work documenting evidence of contact with the afterlife through deathbed visions. She gave examples of the dying making contact with loved ones who have already departed, indicating that physical death is not the end of one's existence.

Love - Second Guest Carla Wills-Brandon - Big Seance Podcast with Patrick Keller
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About the show:

April 2, 2013. This week‘s guest was Carla Wills-Brandon. She has written numerous books and her latest is, “Heavenly Hugs: Comfort, Support and Hope from the Afterlife.” 

Mind Matters - Guest Carla Wills Brandon - Ajayan - Effortless Mind Meditation
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